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Posted on January 15, 2018

micnix.gq - Stop Zoomed Wallpaper Resizing on iPhone & iPad with a . Wallpaper Zoomed In Iphone .. The zoomed wallpapers have been in place for multiple major versions now, so don’t expect a change anytime soon. For now, just take a screenshot of the picture on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and use that as the wallpaper instead, no zooming. How to Stop Automatic Wallpaper Resize and Zoom in iOS 7 Any device that supports the parallax effect (iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s and the iPads) in iOS 7 is going to give you some trouble as you try to customize the background/wallpaper. Here’s why iOS 7 auto-zooms / resizes the wallpaper after you set it and how to fix this issue. The cause of the problem appears to be the parallax effect.


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Wallpaper Zoomed In Iphone oming with iOS 7.1 Perspective Zoom ... But the animations work. So it’s designed to be a win-win for users who want the animations but don’t want the wallpaper to be zoomed in. If you’re not on iOS 7.1 yet or if you prefer an alternative solution, check out this post to fix wallpaper zooming issues. Fix your Zoomed iOS 7 Wallpapers | MacRumors Forums No more zoomed or misaligned wallpapers. - Design & create 8 Styles of iOS 7 Wallpapers - Plain, Gradient, Dotted Gradient, Blur, White & Black, Bokeh, Focused & Padded. More coming soon.. - Don't delete your old beautiful wallpapers - give them a new life. - Transform photos into professional wallpapers with one touch.

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