Posted on March 01, 2018 - Sucks | Define Sucks at Dictionary. Sucks com Sucks definition, to draw into the mouth by producing a partial vacuum by action of the lips and tongue: to suck lemonade through a straw. See more. Suck | Definition of Suck by Merriam-Webster Verb. sucking milk through a straw a toddler sucking his thumb She just sucked her teeth and stared. She sucked on an orange slice. I sucked a cough drop. The tide almost sucked us out to sea. The boat was sucked under the water in the storm. These plants suck moisture from the soil. The fan sucks smoke from the air. a vacuum cleaner that sucks up water as well as dirt.


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Sucks - definition of sucks by The Free Dictionary suck (sŭk) v. sucked, suck·ing, sucks 1. a. To draw (liquid) into the mouth by movements of the tongue and lips that create suction. b. To draw a liquid into the mouth through or from: a baby sucking a bottle. c. To hold, moisten, or maneuver (a sweet, for example) in the mouth, especially in creating suction. 2. a. To draw in by establishing a. Sucks Synonyms, Sucks Antonyms | The tobacco smoke eddies and sucks upward to join the wood smoke. He sucks in everything that is weird or adventurous or wild. "It sucks in its food through the tiniest holes in its leaves," he answered.

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