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Posted on May 30, 2018 - Brutal Honesty - TV Tropes Rivals Series: Viktor's Brutal Honesty is deconstructed as he's honest in ways that are hurtful since he doesn't have the entire facts. Brutal Honesty When a young Yuuri tells Viktor that he wants to one day to skate on the same ice as him, Viktor bluntly tells Yuuri that he should lose weight if he wants to be a skater. The Pros and Cons of Brutal Honesty | HuffPost Brutal honesty, then, is neither a "good" or "bad" thing--it is simply a process in itself. It is "the way," the path that allows for the most growth. People that stop growing are individuals who decide they can no longer handle brutal honesty.


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Brutal Honesty - Image Results More Brutal Honesty images. Urban Dictionary: Brutal Honesty Brutal Honesty unknown Tactless , hurtful , candid openess completely disregarding another’s feelings, hopes, dreams, or desires. Boy says to Girl with Brutal Honesty on the day before Valentine’s Day : “I have to say no.

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